Your b2b data quality experts when it comes to research, data and addresses for IT / software & industrial companies
We are the specialists for the research of custom-fit target companies so that our customers can carry out sales and marketing without wastage. A team of more than 20 research and data quality consultants additionally provides data refinements and profiling campaigns. For easier tasks, we have access to millions of company addresses from around 30 tried-and-tested address brokers.

Say goodbye to just buying addresses.
With dataworm you use all channels:
social, digital, desk research, and profiling


dataworm is an offering from Worm Marketing Consulting GmbH. Since 2005, we have successfully implemented over 1'600 lead generation campaigns and more than 300 research and profiling projects, because we understand the need to position an offering to responsible decision-makers in the correct tone, at the appropriate moment, and using the right tools.


It is essential to research, purchase, or identify the right target companies and contact persons to ensure successful customer contact. As a leading provider of b2b lead generation for IT / software and industrial companies, Worm Marketing Consulting GmbH has extensive and diverse experience with these tasks that can often be challenging.


Each campaign has different requirements. Our experience enables us, for each scenario, to find the most efficient path to the right addresses, be that through purchasing, by enhancing our own data inventory, through individual research, or by other methods. dataworm will find the optimal solution so that you can sell faster and better.


We do everything to make your project a success!



Even if something else is promised again and again: purchases from address brokers often lead to unacceptable wastage, because the particular task is too specific. With us, you'll benefit from individual methods such as desk research or personal interviews with industry experts. The preparation, enhancement, and refinement of existing lists also fall into this area.

  • Research market analyses
  • Desk research and social media research of contact persons
  • Identification of accounts that cannot be purchased through industry codes
  • Preparation of target account lists and potential customer lists via desk research
  • Identification of applications
  • International research of potential trading and sales partners
  • Address refinement and qualification through desk research

Address procurement

Through close cooperation with over 30 address brokers, we are able to select the right provider for your project. Pre-tests enable us to check target group accuracy as well as correct purchases with the least possible wastage. dataworm does not want to provide as much data as possible, but rather the correct data. In addition, we can strengthen address procurement through white paper campaigns or external eMail marketing lists.

  • Advice on address procurement and selection
  • Precise selection of the right address provider from more than 30 known address providers
  • Sale of up-to-date and tailor-made company addresses and contacts
  • Planning and coordination of webinars with tried-and-tested providers for address and lead generation
  • Mailings / white paper campaigns for address and lead generation with a partner network of over 50 providers

Data & marketing services

Address and contact data are created in many places. In addition to digitizing event and trade show data, we also offer a variety of data quality and CRM services. These include, for example, combining different lists into a uniform format or uploads into CRM systems such as Salesforce or Siebel.

  • Data quality services: data synchronization and enhancement, duplicate check
  • Merging and cleanup of heterogeneous data lists
  • Capture / digitization of event feedback or trade show leads
  • Processing of data for mailings
  • Sales lead capture and list upload to CRM systems (for example, Salesforce or Siebel)
  • Creation of sales dashboards in Salesforce
  • Daily maintenance of accounts and leads in CRM systems, for example in channel marketing campaigns
  • Data refinement by combining it with research and profiling


Whether inventory data or purchased / researched addresses and contacts, at some point, telephone qualification becomes necessary. We accomplish campaign maturity through telephone qualification, eMail opt-in generation, research and surveys on existing solutions and requirements.

  • Address and account profiling
  • Decision-maker qualification, enhancement of information
  • eMail opt-in generation
  • Competition research / buying center identification
  • Preparation of target account lists for business development managers through telephone and desk research


Below are examples of some of our previous projects...

  • All
  • Research
  • Address procurement
  • Data & marketing services
  • Profiling
Goal Follow-up work for a trade show and processing of the generated leads
Task Recording and processing of an average of 150 trade show leads per day for further processing by sales
Method Digitization of generated trade show leads (within 24 hours) and upload of information to the customer CRM system plus statistical evaluation
Goal Preparation of a target customer list for follow-up by own sales department
Task Enhancement of the data sets with address and contact information and the primary contact person for eMail marketing or customer experience
Method Desk research and social media research
Goal Preparation of a list of target customers who have a specific application
Task Identification of all agricultural equipment manufacturers in Europe where hydraulic control is required in more than one axis
Method Desk research and online product screening by application
Goal Identification of target companies to market a software program
Task Qualification of companies and responsible contact persons in 10 European countries, said companies having a technical field service of at least 150 employees and each employee processing more than 5 cases per day
Method Initial address procurement from 8 different brokers and telephone profiling
Goal Generation of tailor-made sales contacts in the marketing and support environment
Task Addressing and identification of potential customers who can replace / optimize their traditional support service by using a social media software solution
Method White paper campaign via a tried-and-tested provider
Goal Preparation of a target customer list for a provider of cloud offerings in the area of IaaS and PaaS
Task Enhancement of data sets with address and contact information, qualification of IT application development and a suitable contact person in this area
Method Desk research and social media research
Goal Expansion of existing customer base to include new companies
Task Preparation of a campaign to address and identify potential new customers
Method Targeted purchase of address data in specifically defined industries and several overlap-free sectors, and comparison of the purchased data with the customer's data inventory
Goal Updating of data pool
Task Recording of around 25'000 postal returns from mailing campaigns and processing of the returns for uploading to the customer's CRM system
Method Recording / digitization of the returns, preparation of the contact information, and integration into an upload template
Goal Preparing the development of a sales pipeline for a startup
Task Procurement of address material from companies that manage high quantities of image and video data
Method Definition of suitable industries and company sizes, and targeted purchase of address material, supplemented by desk research
Goal Research in the big data environment
Task Identification of companies in Germany that have their own big data / business intelligence department and need a highly specialized database for their departments and applications
Method Desk research and social media research
Goal Preparation of 16'000 existing customer data sets for several product launches
Task Expansion of eMail-enabled contacts in the data pool as well as cleanup of inventory
Method Generation of eMail opt-in via telephone with subsequent online registration of customers (thus ensuring the legally binding double opt-in process)
Goal Expansion of an existing address pool to include additional companies
Task Qualification of additional companies to be added to an existing address pool for lead generation, said companies having potential needs in the area of PIM / MAM
Method Desk research and industry database analysis
Goal Identification of potential new customers in Poland and the Netherlands, plus a decision-maker contact for a manufacturer of extrusion lines
Task Identification of all manufacturers of thermoforming films for the food and beverage industry
Method Research and addressing of industry experts in the target country, desk research of potential target companies and profiling
Goal Introduction of a CRM system
Task Merging of heterogeneous lists and data sets to prepare the data pool for the initial upload
Method Software-based check for duplicates and completeness of the addresses, visual check with regard to field assignments, and manual assignment of field contents in the master template
Goal Preparation of an international campaign for application products in 8 countries
Method Verification of the current contact persons as well as qualification of the IT manager, HR manager, and procurement manager of the respective company
Method Desk research as well as verification of the researched information including eMail opt-in generation on the phone


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